Causes of Foundation Problems

The shifting and expanding of clay soil is one of the top causes of foundation problems in Texas. While the clay content in Texas soil can create foundation issues as it expands and contracts, there are also other potential culprits. Here are other things to consider if you discover signs of foundation damage.

Common Reasons for Foundation Problems

Plumbing Leaks – Often leaks go unnoticed if they take place inside of walls or underneath the home. Leaks in the sanitary sewer (the drain that is responsible for the flow of incoming water) left unchecked can cause the soil to shift and result in foundation damage.

Bad Drainage System – Constant moisture in soil is a major cause of foundation problems. The moisture causes soil to settle and compact which makes the foundation support uneven and damaged.

Ill Prepared Foundation or Bad Construction – Some homes are set up for foundation problems before they are even built. If constructing contractors don’t properly follow building code laws, your house foundation may be a ticking time bomb. Construction on the wrong type of soil or with inferior products can also make your home more likely to suffer from foundation damage.

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