Midland-Odessa Foundation Repair

Midland-Odessa Foundation Repair

You want someone who understands Midland-Odessa foundation repair. 1st Choice House Leveling has over 30 years experience serving the area, fixing homes of all foundation types from pier and beam to concrete slabs.┬áIf you’re noticing signs of foundation damage in your home such as cracks in the doors, walls or floors, you may need a professional opinion. Homeowners are encouraged to contact 1st Choice House Leveling to receive a free quote, available to homeowners only.

Midland-Odessa, TX Zip Codes Serviced: 79760, 79761, 79762, 79763, 79764, 79765, 79766, 79768, 79769

About Midland-Odessa Homes

Soil issues – either too dry or moist – are among the top causes of foundation damage in the Midland-Odessa area. Bad drainage, plumbing leaks and poorly constructed foundation can also contribute to the need for Midland-Odessa foundation repair. Located in West Texas, Midland-Odessa is located in West Texas, between El Paso and Fort Worth. Known for semi-arid climate and grasslands, periods of drought followed by periods of rain can impact home foundations in the area dramatically.

Foundation Repair Options in Midland-Odessa

As foundation experts, we will assess the damage of your foundation and offer you a repair that best fits your needs. The two methods of foundation repair 1st Choice House Leveling Offers are slabjacking and foundation piering.

The most preferred method of house leveling is foundation piering. Foundation piering is the process of driving piers into the soil. The piers stabilize the concrete slab addressing the source of the problem which is the ground beneath the slab. This process takes from 1-3 days and is slightly more invasive than foundation damage.

If the foundation damage to your home is minimal, then slabjacking may be recommended. Slabjacking is less invasive and faster than other repair methods. This process requires holes to be drilled in the foundation then filled with a mixture of grout, cement, extenders, cement fondue, sand, and additives. As the mixture is pumped into the holes, the foundation rises and evens out.

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