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As an Austin foundation repair company for more than 30 years, 1st Choice House Leveling understands the local soil. If you have been observing signs of foundation damage – such as cracks in the floor or a door that won’t shut – reach out to our experts today for a second opinion. We service homes with all types of foundations, from pier and beam and concrete slab. Homeowners are encouraged to contact us for a free quote – available to homeowners only.

Repairing Austin Foundations

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About Austin, Texas

The dry climate of Austin, Texas can lend itself to many foundation problems. Poor drainage, plumbing leaks and poorly constructed foundations are other common causes of foundation damage in Austin. Bordering the Hill Country region, Austin is located 200 miles south of Dallas and 80 miles north of San Antonio. It is one of the top cities in the state where homeowners frequently need Austin foundation repair.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Austin

The clay foundation in Austin makes it much more adaptive to changes in moisture levels, causing home foundations built on this soil to be more vulnerable to shifting and damages. Compared to less expansive types of soil, the soil in Austin responds rapidly to changes in moisture. When there is a lot of moisture, the soil soaks it up like a sponge and expands. Meanwhile, when the soil is dried out it shrinks. While seasonal weather changes are the most common causes of foundation problems there are other causes to look out for.

Tree Roots: There is more to a tree than branches and leaves. What we don’t see can pose the biggest danger and are located underground. Tree roots can consume a lot of water and during dryer months will stretch to find new sources. When located too close to your home, they can put pressure on your foundation and result in damage.

Drainage Issues: If there is not a system set in place to properly move water away from the home, you are at risk of drainage-induced foundation issues. A home with a sloped landscape may make it more likely to absorb water, as water tends to roll in the direction of gravity.

Plumbing Issues: Oftentimes plumbing issues are the silent culprit of home damage. When unseen leaks take place, they allow water to be absorbed into the soil, which can cause pressure that pushes the foundation up creating damage.

Cost for Foundation Repair in Austin

When considering your options for foundation repair, we know that price matters. With day to day expenses, we all have a large construction project can be intimidating. At 1st Choice House Leveling, we offer free estimates to homeowners to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

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For over 30 years, the team at 1st Choice House Leveling has worked hard to become experts on Texas soil and foundation repair. It’s cost-effective work you can trust from a company endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Maintain the value of your home and keep your family safe – contact 1st Choice House Leveling today!

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