Foundation Repair Process

Our Process for Foundation Repair

When having foundation work done in your home, you may be curious what to expect and how to prepare. 1st Choice House Leveling has a foundation repair process that all of our staff follows so you can be confident in what to expect and know that no corners were cut in repairing your foundation. Our company has been working with Texas foundations for more than 30 years and understands its unique makeup from Victoria to San Antonio our foundation repair process will put your mind at ease.

Site Preparation

Before beginning, we take a full assessment of the current damage caused by settling and shifting. Our crew takes measurements to ensure piers are properly spaced. We then prepare the area by laying down tarps to protect your yard. If there are plants in the work area where piers are going to be installed, we will relocate them. Typically shrubs and/or plants are temporarily transplanted into the soil near the excavated area.

Once the area is cleared, in most cases we begin the foundation piering process (however, in some cases we may use a different method such as slabjacking). To begin, we break through concrete (or other paved surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and patio areas) and dig access holes that are approximately 3’ x 3’ deep below your home’s beam. These holes are approximately the size of a doormat. Only jobs that require interior pilings will require access to the inside of your home.

Driving Pilings

When driving pilings, our team will use piers (also known as pilings) to help support the concrete foundation and correct any settlement issues that have occurred. There is a variety of piling types we may use, depending on your home and the foundation issues we are trying to correct during our foundation repair process.  We typically use 4,000 PSI solid concrete cylinders that are 12″ tall and 6″ in diameter.

Raising Foundation

Next, using the pilings for support, we raise the lower parts of the foundation to as close as their original elevations as possible. Hydraulic jacks are placed on top of and to one side of the piling cap, and a cylinder is placed next to a jack. An experienced advanced technician directs the raising while carefully monitoring the reaction of the structure. When the raising is complete, steel spacers/shims are inserted between the beam and the cylinders to support the home/structure.

Cleaning Up

After raising the foundation, each hole is backfilled with soil and concrete breakouts are patched. Plants and/or shrubs moved during site preparation are replanted. Your yard, sidewalks and driveway are cleaned, raked, swept, and washed as needed. The bottom line, our foundation repair process is completed and leaving your yard as beautiful as when we first stepped foot on it.

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