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1st Choice House Leveling has over three decades of working with Killeen foundation repair. We provide home leveling services to Killeen residents using the best technologies backed by our Lifetime Transferable Guarantee. If you notice cracks on your walls, have trouble shutting your door or see other signs of damage, get foundation repair assistance today. We specialize in all types of foundations, including concrete slab and pier and beam. Are you the homeowner? Take advantage of our free house leveling quotes for homeowners only!

Repairing Killeen Foundations

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About Killeen Homes

Times of drought followed by periods of rain are one of many reasons homeowners may need Killeen foundation repair. Common signs of foundation damage in the area include cracked or uneven floors, shifted doors and cracked molding and brick. Located in the heart of Texas, Killeen is home to the Fort Hood Army Base, one of the largest army bases in the country. Forty miles north of Austin, Killeen is also home to the Texas A&M University’s Central Texas branch.

Why Homeowners Need Killeen Foundation Repair

Located in Central Texas, Killeen residents are very familiar with foundation problems. Killeen soil is composed of easily influenced clay. This clay is transformed by weather conditions, shrinking in the dry weather and expanding in moist weather.

The rapid temperature changes and weather patterns that Texas is prone to cannot be prevented, but there are certain steps you can take to prevent extensive damage to your home and foundation.

How to protect your home during seasons of drought: When the weather warms up and dries out the soil, the lack of water causes the soil to shrink up and cause a shift in the home’s foundation. The best way to combat overly dry soil is to set up a foundation watering system.

How to protect your home during seasons of great moisture: As water penetrates the soil, it causes it to expand like a wet sponge and this can cause the foundation to shift. In order to protect your foundation from increased moisture, you need to install a proper gutter and downspout system. A good system will send water away from the foundation. If there is still excessive moisture, then you may want to consider investing in a new drainage system.

To find if think your home is at risk of foundation damage, contact 1st Choice House Leveling to see what we can do for you!

Common Causes of Foundation Damage

The most common foundation type in Killeen is slab-on-grade. Concrete on slab foundation problems are a result of:

  • Extreme shifts in moisture
  • Tree and tree roots spreading
  • Expanding or shrinking soil
  • Under-slab plumbing leaks
  • Poorly constructed or incorrectly positioned drainage system

Left unattended, these changes can cause superficial damage to your home that is an indicator of foundation damage you may not be able to see. Tilted and uneven floors, separated moldings, cracks in walls, house bricking, and shifting doors and windows are signs of foundation damage you should be aware of. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional foundation repair company.

Why Choose 1st Choice House Leveling?

For over three decades 1st Choice House Leveling has worked hard to raise the bar in the foundation repair industry in Texas. We work in Texas and therefore know Texas soil. Complex by nature, Texas soil is easily altered by its surroundings.

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