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For years, 1st Choice House Leveling has offered the best in home foundation repair to residents in Marble Falls. Our stellar service and technologies backed by a Lifetime Transferable Guarantee ensure that our customers in Marble Falls receive the highest quality foundation repair service possible. If you have trouble shutting doors, notice wall cracks or see any other signs of damage, call 1st Choice House Leveling.

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Marble Falls, TX Zip Codes Serviced: 78654, 78657

What Causes Marble Falls Foundation Problems?

Marble Falls is lucky to be home to beautiful waterfront views and fun lake activities. However, its proximity to water and the unpredictability of Texas weather patterns make it vulnerable to foundation damage. Extreme shifts in moisture and even flooding aren’t uncommon in the Marble Falls area. 

The best way to prevent foundation problems is to know what causes them in your area. Common causes of foundation problems in Marble Falls include:

  • Extreme moisture and drought
  • Incorrectly constructed or positioned drainage systems
  • Plumbing leaks in the slab
  • Tree root spreading

If you have damaged gutters, large trees that are close to your home or other potential causes of foundation damage, don’t leave your home vulnerable — call 1st Choice House Leveling and get a free home inspection.

Common Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage only continues to get worse when left untreated. That’s why Marble Falls residents should be able to recognize the signs of damage. Look for these signs of foundation damage in your home:

  • Windows and doors that won’t open and close properly
  • Visible cracks in walls, house bricking or the foundation itself
  • Damaged and separated molding
  • Uneven and tilted  floors

If you notice any of these signs of foundation damage, contact a professional immediately. A foundation problem that goes unfixed can cause safety issues and make the damage worse and more expensive to fix. It can even cause more home repairs and make it difficult to sell your home in the future, costing you much more money and time than the original repair.

Choose 1st Choice for Marble Falls Foundation Repair

1st Choice has been repairing foundations in Texas for decades, so we know Texas foundations better than anyone else. Because Marble Falls is so close to bodies of water, it is especially prone to foundation issues. If you suspect problems with your home’s foundation, call on the experts at 1st Choice.

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