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Your foundation repair is in good hands with 1st Choice House Leveling. With three decades of experience working with Texas foundations, we know Brenham soil. The soil in Texas is made of an expansive clay that shrinks and expands in response to moisture levels. When the moisture levels are high, the soil soaks up the moisture and expands like a sponge. When moisture levels are low and the soil becomes dried out, it shrinks and becomes hardened. 1st Choice House Leveling knows how to identify the best solution for your foundation repair and will do the work efficiently and effectively. If you begin to notice signs of foundation damage, do not hesitate to contact us today and take advantage of free estimates for homeowners! Also serving La Grange, Columbus, Bellville, Schulenberg, and Giddings.

Repairing Brenham Foundations

Brenham, TX Zip Codes Serviced: 77833, 77834

About Brenham Homes

Located in East Texas, homes in Brenham can be very susceptible to foundation problems. Flat in nature, Brenham leans towards a humid subtropical climate. The soil in Brenham is made up of sand, clays and clay shell fragments, largely formed by the sediment deposits of the Rocky Mountains. The combination of these incompatible soil types creates a soil with size and stability that relies heavily on the amount of moisture it receives. Because of its vulnerability to change based on water interaction, foundation problems are common. Like most of Texas, Brenham goes through periods of extreme moisture followed by extreme dryness and sometimes drought, which can put a huge strain on the foundation type.

Why Foundation Repair Shouldn’t Be Postponed

When you notice foundation damage has started, you should look into repairs as soon as possible. Foundation damage gets worse over time. As structural damage increases, so does the cosmetic damage to your home. Both cosmetic and structural damage can lower the value of your home. While gaps between walls, uneven floors or cracked moldings are unsightly, it only gets worse from there. Typically before issuing a home loan most financial institutions require a home inspection so damage The longer you wait to make improvements the more damage occurs and the more it will cost to repair and the harder it will be to sell later.

1st Choice House leveling are experts in Texas soil. The repair to your home will be taken care of by our professionals and you will know what to expect in every stage of the process. Let us help take some of the stress away with financing options and competitive pricing. Find out what 1st Choice House Leveling can do for you today – schedule a free estimate for homeowners today!

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