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1st Choice House Leveling is a Waco-based home foundation repair contractor that has an A+ rating with the better Business Bureau. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and know how to handle your residential foundation repairs. Don’t ignore those cracks – get the help you need today!

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About House Leveling in Waco

In Central Texas, moisture levels in the air can fluctuate as the seasons change. This causes the soil to expand and contract, putting a strain on your foundation. It’s one of the top reasons Waco residents may experience foundation issues.

Other top causes of foundation problems include:

  • Soil composition – Limestone in the soil, for example, can cause your foundation to settle unevenly. Soil that doesn’t drain water well or that is being sucked dry by nearby trees can also create an unstable environment for your foundation.
  • Poorly-built foundation that is footed above the freeze line or made using materials that aren’t weather-resistant. Both expose your foundation to the elements, weakening it over time.
  • Water – Poor drainage and plumbing leaks can cause water to build up around your foundation, which can lead to pressure changes that compromise your foundation.

Need Home Foundation Repair?

How do you know if you need home foundation repair? One of the most common signs of house leveling issues is cracks in the floor, ceiling or walls especially around door frames and in corners. Other signs of home foundation issues include doors and windows that won’t open or close with ease or damaged moldings. To avoid further damage to your home’s structure, call a foundation specialist immediately if you notice cracks or other clues that your home is shifting, and you need your house leveled. The longer you wait, the more costly the repair can become.

Our Foundation Repair and House Leveling Process

The first step for a homeowner to work with us is to call or submit an email form. Once we schedule a visit to your home to assess the situation, we will provide you with your repair estimate and with information regarding the type of foundation repair you need before we schedule your repair. Give 1st Choice a call today to stop further damage to your home’s structure.

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