Signs of Foundation Damage

When signs of foundation damage strike, they should not be ignored. Foundation repair can save your home from further damage, increase your property value and help maintain the home’s appearance. Here are a six common signs of foundation damage.

Common Foundation Damage Signs

Uneven or Sloping Floors – An uneven floor may be easy to miss when it first begins to shift. If you suspect a floor is sloping try the marble test by carefully placing a round ball or marble firmly on the ground and see if it rolls. If the surface is straight the item should stay in place; if the home has started to shift it should start to roll.

Cracked Moldings – Some molding damage may be more noticeable than others. Look for molding that has completely separated in some places (especially corners) or that has slightly shifted to overlap in ways not originally designed.

Cracks in Walls – If walls have started to separate on wallpaper seems to be pulling apart, these are clear signs of foundation movement.

Shifted Doors or Windows – If you find yourself having a hard time shutting or opening doors or windows, or they feel like they just aren’t a match, this is another common sign of foundation damage.

Cracks In Brick – If your house is brick (inside or out), you may notice cracks in the brick. They shifts are rarely a straight line and the stress of the shift tends to pull the bricks apart at the brick sealer that puts them together as it is weaker than the bricks themselves.

Cracks in Floor or Foundation – A visible crack in your floor or concrete foundation is a clear sign of foundation issue.

The causes of foundation problems and their resulting signs of foundation damage are varied.  If you are a homeowner and suspect that your home may have incurred some foundation damage, contact us today for a free estimate!

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