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Foundation Diagnosis

A foundation diagnosis may be what you need for foundation problems that may be right in front of you. What many ignore as “signs of settling” are often the first visible hints that there is a foundation problem. Here are common signs of foundation problems that can be discovered with a home foundation diagnosis:

  • Cracks in sheetrock or brick
  • Doors or windows that stick
  • Doors that swing
  • Sagging floors
  • Uneven or unlevel floors
  • Cracks around doors or windows
  • Floor cracks
  • Concrete pushed up from ground
  • Ruptures or gaps in foundation
  • Mold and moisture stains
  • Warped ceilings

While these may seem like cosmetic annoyances, cracks in the interior wall can greatly reduce the value of your home. Some of the issues associated with cracks include moisture damage and insulation issues that can contribute to higher heating and cooling costs. In addition, leaking roofs can result in damaged beams and electrical wiring.

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