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With over 30 years working with Texas foundations, 1st Choice House Leveling is the only Corpus Christi foundation repair company you’ll ever need. As Texas soils go through seasonal wet and dry cycles, a structure’s foundation can undergo stress or noticeable movement. We’re here to take your call as home leveling needs emerge. If you notice cracks, gaps and misaligned doors and windows, it’s time to take action. Are you the homeowner? Take advantage of our free foundation repair quotes!

Repairing Corpus Christi Foundations

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About Corpus Christi Homes

Whether your Corpus Christi home has pier and beam foundation or concrete slab, the foundation problems you encounter could be extensive. While there are many causes of foundation damage, a frequent one in Corpus Christi is shifting soil. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is located near the Mustang and Padre islands. Proper drainage and home moisture are critical to preventing foundation damage, but even then homeowners still may find themselves in need of Corpus Christi foundation repair.

Corpus Christi Foundation

As a coastal city, Corpus Christi is a major hub for foundation shifts. Corpus Christi’s foundation is composed of clay like soil. In warmer months when there is less moisture, the soil dries out, shrinks and hardens. In rainy and humid periods, the soil absorbs the water and causes the clay to swell and expand. As soil shrinks and expands, foundations can shift causing damage to the foundation and cosmetic issues.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Homes in Corpus Christi are prone to foundation changes as the clay soil expands and shrinks with changes in weather and moisture. Weather and temperature aren’t the only things that can create foundation issues. Here are other common causes of foundation damage:

Tree Roots: The roots of a tree spread much further than what you see above ground and require a lot of water. As the soil dries out, roots stretch to find new sources of water. As the roots expand in search of moisture, they can disrupt the home’s foundation and cause damage.

Drainage Issues: Homes without a drainage system that properly guides moisture away from the foundation are susceptible to damage. If your home is located at the bottom of a sloped landscape, it is more likely to absorb water, as water tends to roll in the direction of gravity.

Plumbing Issues: Many plumbing problems go unnoticed as they happen beneath the house or behind walls. Oftentimes, plumbing issues are the silent culprit behind foundation damage. When hidden leaks take place, they can cause moisture to collect beneath the foundation and problems start.

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