4 Most Common Causes of a Home Foundation Problems

December 14, 2016

4 Most Common Causes of a Home Foundation Problems

Your home’s foundation is a critical component of your house. It needs to be as strong as a mountain. A weak foundation will lead to other problems in your home such as replacing doors, windows, flooring, and walls. And this is why it is important to learn about what can cause many foundation problems and take actions today to prevent these scenarios from happening in the first place.

Common foundation problems

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks will add moisture to the soil, and this can lead to foundation problems.  Uneven moisture level in the soil surrounding your foundation can cause the soil to expand and contract unevenly.  Furthermore, these uneven expansions and contractions can cause the foundation to crack.  

Plumbing leaks can be difficult to spot, but there are some symptoms you can sometimes detect:


Improper drainage for your home can also damage your foundation.  Improper drainage will cause the same uneven soil moisture level that can cause uneven expansions and contractions around the foundation just like plumbing leaks can cause to it.  Ensuring that gutters are not clogged and that the soil for your flower beds slopes away from your home are some easy solutions that you can maintain to prevent drainage problems for your home.


Transpiration is also another problem that can lead to serious foundation issues.  Transpiration is when the tree roots drink up all the water in the soil.  This can lead to one or multiple areas of the soil around the foundation contracting from the absence of water.  The most practical way to prevent transpiration from happening is to keep your trees well watered. Additionally, any new trees you plant in your yard should be planted a safe distance from your home.  If you already have a tree that is in proximity to your home, then you can install a root barrier on the ground.  A root barrier is a barrier that runs about 3 feet deep in the ground that will prevent any roots from encroaching too close to the foundation.


Evaporation is the fourth common cause of foundation damage. The heat from the summer sun and the accompanying hot, dry winds can lead to excessive evaporation of moisture from the soil. Evaporation of the soil’s moisture can lead to the same contraction problems that plumbing leaks and drainage problems can cause to the home’s foundation.

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