What to do when you have Crumbling Concrete

November 10, 2016

Crumbling foundation San Antonio

Do you have concrete foundation that is crumbling and flaking? Some causes may be due to freeze-thaw cycles, drought and rain cycles, and shifting foundations. A way to prevent this is with the use of a penetrating concrete sealer. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent crumbling and flaking. Penetrating sealer comes in many forms but most have several things in common.

They don’t alter the appearance of the slab and they have a long effective life span. Keeping the water from entering the concrete is the best way to keep the concrete looking good for years to come.

Is the concrete already breaking up? Do not lose hope. There are methods and products available to repair the concrete surface. There are many options available but the best is to hire a professional to grind down to a solid substrate and then resurface the slab with a Portland-based resurfacing mix.

Concrete is not immune from the forces of nature. It is a durable and lasting material if placed properly and maintained according to industry recommendations. It’s possible to prevent many of the problems regularly observed as well as repair the problem after it has happened.

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