Lubbock Foundation Repair

November 14, 2016

lubbock foundation repair

We’ve been going through an extended period of drought, so many foundations are more than a little off. We are seeing a lot of damage — damaged bricks, damaged doors, damaged sheet rock. The center’s going to be a little more consistent as far as moisture, but the outside perimeters start putting stress on the whole frame of the house. It’s some serious business if it goes far enough along.

Clay-based sub soil is the culprit, as it will shrink and swell, shrink and swell, and the house will go up and down, up and down until it can’t go up anymore. Those are going to be the killers out here, and the problem is, a lot of Texas is on that type of soil. It’s not any one particular area.

Home foundation repair in Lubbock

If you are living in Lubbock, Texas and are concerned about your home’s foundation, 1st Choice House Leveling offers the very best home foundation repair for residents not just in Lubbock, but all across Texas. Do you think your home may need foundation repair or foundation leveling? Do you have questions about your home’s foundation in Lubbock, Texas?

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