Foundation Piering

Foundation piering, the most common method of foundation repair, involves driving piers into the soil to stabilize the concrete slab. A more permanent solution to foundation issues, it directly addresses the source of the problem – the ground underneath the slab.

Types of Foundation Piering

Concrete Pressed Filings – The most common and cost-friendly method of piering, concrete pressed filings are essentially pre-fab concrete cylinders. Interestingly, they are installed with 3x the force they will endure under the home, the weight of the home stabilizes over the pilings.

Drilled Concrete Piers – After digging deep holes, foundation levelers install pier shafts to increase strength and flexibility. Next, they pour fresh concrete into the holes and wait a week. Finally, they then raise and stabilize the house on top of the piers.

Steel Piers – The two major types of steel piers are those with brackets and those that live under the grade beam. Older piers, installed outside the foundation perimeter, require bolting brackets to the foundation. Newer piers, on the other hand, can be installed under the foundation, much like a drilled pier.

In conclusion, there are many ways foundation repair teams approach foundation piering. Once our team takes a look at your foundation, we will be able to make a recommendation specific to your home. If you are a homeowner who suspects foundation damage.

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