Slabjacking is the fastest and least invasive foundation repair method. During this process, foundation specialists drill holes into the home’s slab and fill those holes to level out the foundation. From grout to rock drills, there are a variety of materials and equipment that help make slabjacking happen.

Equipment Used During Slabjacking

Grout Mixers – Commonly, grout mixers are at least 7-cubic feet and powered by 10-horsepower engines. Their purpose is to keep grout mixtures consistent and lump-free and they incur a lot of maintenance problems.

Grout Pumps – There are a variety of types of grout pumps, including hydraulic piston, double diaphragm, air-operated, and hydraulically operated progressive cavity. The powers of these pumps vary from 1 to 100 PSI with a minimum delivery of 60 GPM.

Rock Drill or Coring Machine – The purpose of these devices is to prevent too much dust and breakout from collecting at the bottom of the slab.

Materials – Grout, cement, sand, additives, extenders, and cement fondue are the most common materials used during a slabjacking job.

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