Leveling an Older Home

March 15, 2017

San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repair

There are many things that attract people to older homes. Some may love the charm and character, while others may love the price. However, after purchasing an older home it is important to check the house for anything that needs to be fixed or updated. Because foundations settle over time, one of the most common adjustments to an old home is to level it. If you buy an older house, you can expect foundation issues. Signs of this include saggy or uneven floors, cracks in the walls and doors or windows not closing properly. Here are the two best methods to leveling an old home.

  1. Slabjacking

If youre looking for a fast foundation repair method that is the least invasive to your home, slabjacking is the best option for you. By drilling holes into the homes slab and filling those holes with grout, cement or sand, foundation specialists are able to level out the foundation. Equipment such as grout mixers, grout pumps and a rock drill are used during the process.

  1.  Foundation Piering

When it comes to foundation repairs, this is the most common method. Foundation piering is also a more permanent solution to level an old house and addresses the source of the problem directly. This process involves driving piers into the soil underneath your house to stabilize the concrete slab. There are different types of foundation piering including concrete pressing filings, drilled concrete piers, and steel piers.

When needing to level an old house, the first step is to determine what kind of foundation repair your home needs. Since leveling a house deals with the foundation of your home, it is essential to make sure you are taking proper precaution – which suggests that a DIY task may be out of the question. 1st Choice House Level will evaluate your home, make a specific recommendation as to which method is best for you and provide a free estimate.

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