The Best Ways to Avoid a Wet Basement

May 1, 2017

Why is there water in my basement

If you have noticed water or moisture in your basement, you need to identify the problem, get it fixed and then takes steps to prevent the same problem from happening again. A wet basement can lead to pricey foundation repairs, toxic mold growth and serious property damage. Here are the best ways to avoid a wet basement.

Diagnose the Problem

Before you can fix or prevent anything, you have to know the source of the problem. The water or moisture is coming from one of two sources, either inside or outside. It could be from outside with rain, snow or other weather elements making the soil around your foundation moist and leak into your basement. The other source could be inside, with humidity forming condensation on cold surfaces. The best to way to figure out the source is to tape a piece of aluminum foil on the wall and wait a couple of days, then go remove the foil. If the moisture is behind the foil, it’s coming from the outside. If the moisture is on the front of the foil, it’s coming from inside.

Insulate Pipes

Most basements have exposed pipes. If yours is one of those, try insulating your pipes. Condensation forming on cold pipes can drip, causing a wet basement. Pipe insulation is affordable and can be found at any local home improvement store.

Prevent Excess Humidity

To prevent even more humidity from entering your basement, try sealing leaky cracks in connecting pipes and vents. Sealing them with duct tape will hold temporarily – but if you use foil tape, it will last a lot longer and do a better job.

Rain gutters

Getting rain gutters is a pricier option but very effective. If your basement is wet because of outside elements, rain gutters will move the water away from your basement. If you don’t want to spend the money on gutters, create a six-foot-long slope on the edge of your home diverting the water away from your basement.

If you take these preventative steps and are still seeing water or moisture in your basement, contact 1st Choice House Leveling for advice and help on cost-effective foundation repair.

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