4 Things To Look For When Purchasing A Home In Austin

November 27, 2017

purchasing a home in austin

Austin is thriving with jobs, small businesses and recreational events. It’s no surprise that people are packing up to move to the state capital. However, when looking for a place to live, there are some essentials needed before a house can turn into a home. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a home in Austin. 

A Good Foundation

The foundation of a home is like the heart of the body – if it doesn’t feel right, you might want to get it checked out. Evidence of a damaged foundation can be seen by cracks near doors and windows or along the seams of a wall. Also check for doors and windows that seem to stick or jam, as these are early signs of foundation problems.

An Efficient A/C

Texas gets hot. There is no way around it other than to have a high-quality A/C system to combat summer heat. Make sure the A/C system in a potential home is a newer, efficient model that has not had past episodes of breaking down. Details are important and clean, cold air is at the top of the list.

High-Quality Piping

Despite the hot summers, there have been some winters that put the pipes to the test. When in doubt, water pipes can be wrapped with blankets or insulation to prevent cracks during freezing temperatures. Knowing what your tap water is traveling through can also provide peace of mind and awareness about safe drinking water.


The whole point of a home is to keep out of the elements, so make sure the roof will do its job! Older roofs are susceptible to leaks, which can cause water damage to walls, mold and cracks if not treated. Find a home with a solid roof or spend the money on a new one to prevent future damage.

Buying a home is an exciting venture for anyone, but inexperienced buyers often find trouble after signing the title. Know what essentials to look for and be prepared for the worst. However, problems can always be fixed! 1st Choice House Leveling repairs foundations around the Austin area to ensure peace of mind to both new and experienced homeowners.

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