4 Things That Cause Cracked Foundation in San Antonio

January 30, 2018

cracked foundation in san antonio

Finding cracked foundation in San Antonio is no rare feat. If you suspect your home could need house leveling, you may be right. But where do these foundation issues come from? Read on to learn more about the top causes of foundation problems in San Antonio. Be sure to also check out these top signs that you may need foundation repair.

Construction Issues

Building on land not suitable for construction in the first place can lead to foundation problems in the long-run. So can not having the right concrete mix, and treating it properly during pouring in the event of extreme temperatures. Sometimes you’ll hear of entire neighborhoods ensuring such issues, like the Fairhaven neighborhood in Schertz.

Soil Considerations

In times of extreme drought or rain, the soil can shift, causing foundation problems. Even though it’s normal to some degree for homes to settle a bit, it’s not necessarily an issue. To know if you’re really in trouble, check for cracks along walls and floors, shifting doors and windows or sloping floors. Still in doubt? Call in a professional to take a look. Learn more about what causes cracked foundation in San Antonio.

Issues Around The House

A slab leak in the home can cause foundation problems. If you suspect a slab leak or notice cracking in the walls and floors of your home, check your water bill. A spiking water bill is one of the top signs of a slab leak. Tree roots growing into the foundation is another reason that San Antonians could experience foundation challenges.

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