3 Signs You May Need San Antonio Foundation Repair

January 16, 2018

san antonio foundation repair

Because of the soil composition, San Antonio foundation repair is a common need. Shifting soil due to too much rain or not enough is one reason foundations suffer. Other reasons include that it may not have been built on suitable land in the first place. In addition, if the concrete mix isn’t just right and compatible with the outdoor temperature at the time, it can cause long-term issues.

Here are some things to look out for. If any of these things are happening to you, it may be time to call the professionals at 1st Choice House Leveling, which offers free home inspections for homeowners.

Cracks, Slants and Shifts

If you see cracks on one part of your home, be sure to check everywhere for other signs. These could include doors or windows that have shifted, slanting floors and cracks along floors or windows. Learn More About These Signs

Other Parts Of The Home Not Working

Related parts of the home like roofing and plumbing could provide more context on what your problem could be. For example, a slab leak could impact your foundation – check your water bill for any unexpected spikes. In addition, check things like your roofing – a leak could be caused by faulty foundation. Check Out These Other Causes of Foundation Damage

Other Homes In The Neighborhood With Issues

Because so much of foundation issues are related to the soil and the homes in your neighborhood share the same soil type – ask around! Stay in touch with your neighbors to see what kind of foundation and soil issues they’ve noticed over the years. For example, in San Antonio there are certain parts of the city that are known for having foundation problems like the Fairhaven neighborhood in Schertz.

Got Questions About San Antonio Foundation Repair?

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