Tips for Finding Your Perfect Home in San Antonio

September 18, 2017

home shopping in san antonio- tips for buying a previously owned home

There is a long list of things to consider when looking to buy a new home. Setting a budget and deciding on a location are two important guidelines when shopping. While you may have already chosen San Antonio as the perfect location for your new home, deciding what neighborhood to settle in shouldn’t be the only research you do. During your house hunt, make sure to study houses inside and out – with their foundations as the foundation of your new home and future. Check out a few of the signs of damage or a faulty foundation below to help you make the best decision on your purchase.

  • Pre-existing damage – One of the things you should always look for is pre-existing damage in a house. Find out if any renovations been done recently and why.
  • Outside foundation – Take a good look at the perimeter of the house, paying attention to the actual foundation for gaps. If the exterior of the house is stucco or brick, look for cracks, seals and patches.
  • Cracks – Look for cracks everywhere. Start from walking up to the house on the sidewalk and inspect the area for an uneven walkway or fault in the cement. Take notice of any cracks in moldings, walls and ceilings.
  • Floors – When entering the home, listen for creaks in the floor. There should be no actual cracks in the floor, and warped wood flooring is not a good sign. You can test the evenness of the floor simply with a marble.
  • Frames – Check all window and door frames. Settling houses will often have cracks near these areas. Doors that either stick or swing open and jammed windows can be an indication of foundation issues.
  • Mold – Look for any mold or dark spots on walls and ceilings. Water stains are a signifier of moisture problems and leaks.

While some of these damages are inevitable due to aging and Texas clay soil, they are not just cosmetic annoyances. Thoroughly studying a house before purchase can help prevent future problems and allow you to take these things into consideration if renovation is in your budget. Follow these tips to help start your journey in your new home on the right foot and foundation. Good luck on your house hunt!

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