How a Cracked Foundation Can Affect Your Home’s Value

April 3, 2017

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How a Cracked Foundation Can Affect Your Home’s Value

If you are selling your house, or plan to in the future, it would be a good investment to have your foundation inspected. Determining the quality of the foundation your home rests on has a large impact on the value of your home. Here are a few ways foundation problems can significantly affect your home’s value.

Lower resale value

If you are trying to sell your house with a cracked foundation, the chances that an inspector, a buyer or the real estate agent will discover these issues is very likely. After discovery, the buyer will most likely request a lower sale value for your house, considering they will need to spend money out of their pockets to fix the problem.

Increased costs for you

Having a home on the market with a cracked foundation can be harder to sell. In order to sell the house at your desired price, improvements might have to be made. Unfortunately, foundation repairs will have to come out of the homeowner’s pocket but could be worth it in the long run. It can be expected that buyers are more willing to pay a higher value for a home with a reliable foundation.

Decreased curb appeal

Cracked foundation can affect the physical appearance of a house. A shifted foundation can cause cracks in the bricks outside your home or even make it appear slanted. The inside can also contain cracks in the walls, uneven floors and other damages. These attributes cause the house to look older and unreliable which may deter buyers from wanting to purchase your house.

Overall, homeowners are better off with a reliable foundation. Whether you are trying to sell your house or do any renovations, fixing the foundation is the first step. If your home is experiencing any foundation problems, it is important to address them quickly to prevent any further damages to your home.

If you think your home may have foundation damage, contact the experts at 1st Choice House Leveling to schedule an inspection.

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