Areas Prone to Foundation Problems

December 28, 2017

The foundation of a home is the most important aspect to ensuring a solid, long-lasting structure. There are a variety of reasons for foundation issues, and many depend on the location of the home. Foundation repair companies have a variety of tools and methods to fix foundation issues as they arise. Here are some common areas prone to foundation problems. 

Severe Drought

Extreme temperatures cause concrete to expand and contract rapidly, which can cause cracks in the foundation. Areas prone to this are found primarily in the midwest and south. However, areas like California have the threat of experiencing an earthquake as well as drought conditions. This combination causes excess stress on foundations, which then cause cracks by windows, doors and wall seams.


Another severe weather condition, flooding can cause the soil underneath a house to shift, which then causes cracks as the foundation struggles to stay in place. This is not to be confused with settling, which occurs over time due to age and shifting soils. Flooding primarily occurs around the coast and around existing water sheds across the country. The Austin and San Marcos area have experienced dramatic floods in the past and researching flood zones and previous storms can help prevent a costly mistake.


Depending on the soil conditions, weather patterns and the age of a home, settling occurs at various paces. No matter what, some settling will occur as a home is built. However, saturated soils or very porous soils contribute to a higher level of settling. As a home settles, cracks are often seen around doorways and walls. It is important to remedy the situation as soon as foundation problems are noticed.  Sandy and clay soils, which can be found across the south, are prone to shrinking, expanding and settling depending on weather conditions.

Despite the headaches that can come from foundation issues, there are a variety of ways to fix them in areas prone to foundation problems. Foundation repair companies like 1st Choice House Leveling are skilled at repairing a variety of problems that stem from problematic foundations. With proper repair, foundation problems will be a thing of the past!

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