4 Ways a Cracked Foundation Affects Your Home

April 17, 2017

What are signs of cracked foundation problems

4 Ways a Cracked Foundation Affects Your Home

It is essential that your home is resting on a reliable foundation. A cracked foundation can lead to many damages inside and outside your house, as well as costly repairs. Before you purchase a new home or consider doing renovations on your current home, it is important to check the quality of the foundation. Here the top four four telling signs that your home has a cracked foundation.

Uneven or sagging floors

If you notice that your floors sag in certain areas and are higher in others, you may be experiencing foundation problems. Some parts of the floor may be significantly lower than other areas, which can result in gaps where the floor and wall meet. To determine if your home has uneven floors you can use a leveler or a tennis ball. If the tennis ball rolls around, it could be a sign of cracked foundation.

Cracks in the walls

A homeowner whose foundation is damaged may notice cracks in the walls inside the house or cracks in the brick outside the house. These cracks can be horizontal, vertical, or zigzagging. These cracks may also be significant in size or small, hairline fractures.

Displaced molding

Cracked or damaged foundations can cause the house to shift or settle significantly, which can displace the frame. Make sure to check the corners where the wall and ceiling meet. This area should align vertically and flush together.

Doors and windows don’t open or close properly

Doors and windows throughout your house should open and close easily. If you notice that your windows and doors get stuck, jammed or don’t stay closed, it is probably due to a cracked foundation. This can lead to other expensive problems, such as increased AC bills because hot or cold air can escape.

Although homes will settle over time, it is important to be aware of these signs that reflect foundation problems. Foundation damages need to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible to prevent further home damages and repair costs.

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