4 Important Things You Need to Know About Foundation Repair

June 1, 2017

How to do Foundation Repair

Before you hire someone or spend money on getting your home’s foundation repaired, there are a few important things you should know as a homeowner.

1. How to spot signs of damage

First things first, you will need to determine whether your home has any signs of foundation damage . Some signs are obvious like settling or uneven floors. In other cases, windows or doors may have problems opening and closing, and walls, molding or exterior concrete may have cracks in them. If you look around your house and notice some of these signs, your home may have some level of foundation damage.

2. Do you need a foundation repair?

If you find some of these signs of foundation damage around your house, do not fret because it does not always mean you are in need of foundation repairs. Some of these signs may be the result of the natural settling of a house. Due to gravity and shifting soil, every house will settle over time. Settling is normal, but if signs of damage start to get extreme, you will want to call an expert.

3. What kind of foundation repair your home will need

Since there are different kinds of foundation repairs, it is important to know what kind your home will need. There are different methods, such as foundation piering and slabjacking. Foundation piering addresses the issues underneath the foundation, such as shifting clay or soil. This is the more popular method because it is a more permanent solution. The slabjacking method involves drilling holes into the foundation and filling it with a special mixture. This method is quicker, less invasive and less expensive.

4. Who to contact

In order to make the best decisions regarding your home, expert advice may be needed. 1st Choice House Leveling offers free home inspections along with free estimates. Our team of specialists provide professional and highly rated service. Contact us today!

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